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What are Shrinkies Hair Extensions?

The shrinkies hair extensions is a strand-by-strand hair addition technique.The Shrink-Link is threaded onto your natural hair with a looping technique. A pre-bonded strand of extension hair is then placed inside the tube along with your natural hair and then using a special heat clamp the Shrink link is then heat activated and shrinks around them both. 

When heat is applied to the shrinkie, the keratin fuses with the extension and natural hair creating a bond. The tubing shrinks down and protects this bond.


Shrinkies Hair Extention Specifics

A install typically lasts from 3-4 months. 

The Shrink-Link hair extension method take approximately 2 hours to install.


The benefits of using Shrinkies Hair Extensions 

Shrinkies are a durable and long lasting hair extension method. The hair extensions wearer should be able to remove the application on their own with a little bit of patience. Reheat the bond, remove extension hair and shrinkie and clean any remaining keratin residue with an orange oil or an acetone based remover. 

Who shoudn't get Shrinkies Hair Extensions

Review around the internet seem to lean on the fact thtat this method is not as durable as the fusion extensions technique.