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Sew In Hair Weave

Sewn in weave hair extensions

The Sewn in hair weave originally was invented in Africa many years ago. It was worn by black woman who had trouble growing their own hair long because of their dry, brittle and kinky hair texture.

Sew in Weave Hair Extensions Specifics

When getting a sew in weave you can either opt for a partial weave or a full weave.

A full weave, is where all of your natural hair is hidden under the extensions. This method is particularly popular amoung black woman who with to hide their own hair texture in order to wear silky straight hair. This way there is no need to troubleshoot blending issues.

A partial weave is where you braid 3-5 tracks horizontally from ear to ear. Then the weft extensions hair is sewn on to the braids, integrating there natural hair with the hair extensions hair. 

The Benefits of Sewn In Weave Hair Extensions

Sewn in hair extensions is the oldest and most popular hair extensions method in the book. Even with so many new hair extensions methods emerging, the weaves popularity hasn't diminished - probably because of it's many benefits:

  • A weave is a quick way of adding length to short or thinning hair. 
  • It is a very gentle hair extensions technique. If you take care of your braided hair, your hair will be very healthy when you take it out
  • A full sew in weave enables you to choose any hair texture and color you choose.
  • It last 2-3 months

Hair weaves are commonly addressed as being a healthy hair extensions technique since your own hair is protected underneath the weave in braids. This way there is not a lot of stress with blending, flat ironing, brushing or curling your natural hair.

The Cons of using Sewn in Hair Exetensions

When reading hair weave testimonials people often explain how this is the most healthy option for hair extensions, however it is also the most bulky option. If opting for "boyfriend proof" hair extensions, meaning hair extensions that are undetectable to feel and touch getting a weave sewn in is not the best option. This technique is a bit more bulky with lumps and bumps than many other techniques available at hair extensions salons. 

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