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Brazilian Knot

Brazilian knot hair extensionsBrazilian Knots hair extensions is a strand-by-strand hair extensions technique. As the name emplies, this hair extensions method originates from Brazil.

This unique hair extensions method has many names; the Brazilian hair extensions, the Italian knot technique, Brazilian knot hair extensions or elastic fusion.

What are Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions

The extensions are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique. This creates the versatility of a fusion technique without using potentially harmful substances on your hair such as keratin glue.

The Benefits of getting Brazilain Knot Hair Extensions

  • Compared to the pinch braid techniqe this extensions application allows for a very small install.

  • The Strands are very light and therefore they do not pull on your hair as much as the glue. They will last (depending on the growth of your hair) between 3 to 4 months.

  • This technique is causes less stress on you hair and is therefor more ¬†healthy for hair because it does not use any bonding material- simply elastic thread.

  • This also makes the removing process easy, and if you are careful you can do it at home.You basically just snip off the elastic thread!¬†

  • Brazilian knots create a very natural hair extensions wear, with a lot of versa.

Who should not get Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions?

You must go to a stylist that is gentle on your hair. When applying this technique there is a bit of pulling, tucking and twisting of your natural hair in order to put in the string securely.

This hair addition method is a bit more time consuming than the comparable fusion technique. The technique usually takes about 4-10 hours to apply. Typically Brazilian knots will cost from 800$ and up in the US.